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Disclaimer: lol there is clearly no way in hell I wrote Mockingjay. Not mine, don't sue, etc. Title from Lykke Li's "Rich Kid Blues."
Summary: Five things you didn’t know about the victors of the Hunger Games (and maybe you still don't).
AN Rating is for one curse word to be honest. My copies of both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire are being borrowed by other people right now, so there could be factual errors in a few places. Possibly/most likely more Five Things soon because I have a LOT of downtime to think about these things at work.

One) Contrary to what the camera shots of the Annual Hunger Games Victor Viewing Parties would have you believe, they don’t all drink.

Well. They don’t all drink like Haymitch.

Two) They’re not all angry.

At least not at the same things.

Three) Of the 55 living victors before the 74th Hunger Games, approximately 37 vehemently hate Finnick Odair and tell it to the cameras, loud and often. Five take some form of pity on him. Seven are too drunk to care. Five more are crazy. One is Johanna Mason, who can’t make up her mind.

This, of course, is somewhere around 98 percent true half of the time.

Four) It’s not as hard as you think, to sit in a room among people you call friends in some sense of the word as you root for your kids to slaughter theirs.

Actually, no, it is. But it’s not hard to place bets on who won’t make it past the bloodbath. It becomes easy money, after awhile.

Five) They do not understand each other. If anything, they understand that they do not in any way understand. Each of them went into their respective arenas with 23 others and came out alone—this is the one thing they undeniably have in common.

Of course, until those mother fucking berries.